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Luxurious apartments in Zakopane

Villa Tatiana includes four unique villas located in the center of Zakopane. The villas are located right next to Krupówki. Each of the buildings consists of apartments which are well-finished to the finest detail so that You can relax as best as possible while staying in the luxurious place. Each of the apartments was individually designed. Original cladding and authentic items from old houses were used in their decoration. Beautifully restored objects allowed to create a unique atmosphere of every apartment. Refined interiors, rich equipment and comfortable beds add a new dimension to the concept of luxurious accommodation in Zakopane.

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Villas at Makuszyński Street

Subsequent two villas can be found at the next street. Grunwaldzka Street in Zakopane is decorated with the façades of Villa Boutique and Villa Premium. These buildings are located just a 5-minute walk from Krupówki but also here You can enjoy a quiet stay. The villas can also be a starting point for those who want to experience wildlife of the Podhale region. The Białego Valley can be reached from this location after about a 10-minute walk.

More about where to go and how to get there can be found in the guide to Zakopane and the surrounding area.


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